Who is Foutsie?

Thomas Fouts is FOUTSIE

Hey there, thanks for stopping by!

You are probably wondering just who is this FOUTSIE? Well I’m just a regular guy that has been blessed with a wonderful life.

I live in Southwest Michigan, near Lake Michigan, with my incredible wife and Kash the Dog. We live on a piece of property we call Blue Racer Ranch. We call it that because we have state record size Blue Racers living behind our barn and garage.

Blue Racer Snakes


We have designed and hand built our own house a number of years ago. It was a challenge. It took us 16 months of working on it every day, sometimes all 24 hours of the day! We are happy. It lives well.

Our Border Collie-Aussie mix dog named Kash Flow, is 100% pure stinker! He is a rescue dog that we adopted from a Border Collie Rescue organization near here. For the first 6 months he didn’t bond well with us at all. We kept up the faith and kept training him until finally a switch was flipped and he became a really good dog. He is wired a little different from most dogs, but then again, so am I.

Collie Mix

Border Collie Mix

Well I am self employed, I do several different things to create streams of income. I have a couple of antique booths at Sweet Pickins Antique Mall that I sell antiques and collectibles out of. One of the booths sells industrial themed stools, cabinets and lighting, plus a host of other interesting stuff.

Internet Marketing is also one of my occupations. I have created websites for small businesses, done affiliate marketing, and sell on eBay. I also authored a ebook called “The BetesBuster Plan“.

Woodworking is also another of my passions. I am a wood whore. I love to build small structures, birdhouses, bird feeders, tables, and have created a really cool raised garden bench. This raised garden bench allows you to garden healthy vegetables, herbs, or flowers without bending over. It really works well.

raised garden bench

Photography is a ultra fun hobby of mine. I probably take 100-200 photos a day! Digital photos of course. I even have a website where you can go to view and purchase some of my photos. There are about 400 digitally altered photos that I call Tom’s Art in a folder on that site. To see some of my photos, click here. www.seeyourpicturehere.com

Well there’s a ton more about me, but you’ll have to keep coming back to this website, FOUTSIE.com, from time to time and see what I’m up to and see where I’m going.

Thanks again,

Thomas & Kash

Thomas Fouts
Foutsie and Kash the Dog

PS. Did I mention that I love acoustic guitar blues? My friend Jimmy plays a mean guitar and can teach guitar like nobody else. Wanna see what I’m talking about?¬†http://foutsie.com/JDblues



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