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We Travel Two Lane Roads

Foutsie just returned from another two lane road vacation that covered 6853 miles in 22 days. We started out on US 20 Hwy near South Bend, Indiana, went through Yellowstone National Park, and on to Bend, Oregon.

We saw lots of interesting roadside attractions along the way.

two lane roads

You just never know what you may run across when you travel two lane roads instead of the Interstate or expressways. Plus, you don’t have to drive as fast and it saves you gas. I like to take a lot of digital photos, so I turn around a lot to get a photo. That is something you can’t do on the expressway.

roadside attractions
Peterson Rock Garden, Oregon

The Peterson Rock Garden attraction was from a tip we received from some cool people we met at the campground where we camped the night before. This was the work of a man that started the rock garden in 1950 and worked at it until his death in 1968. It fell into disrepair until a young man started restoring it. It was amazing how much work the original man put into it!

And then there is the scenery! Oh man! We took a two lane road and went to see Crater Lake in Oregon. I saw the most pure blue my eyes have ever seen. Not just blue water, but the color blue! It was mesmerizing. And then you could see beautiful current patterns on the water, seemingly caused by nothing! Kash the Dog wanted to swim in that water!

Crater Lake
The Blue! This is Crater Lake in Oregon.

Our goal was to explore Oregon a little bit more. The last time we were in Oregon we stayed along the Pacific Coast. Next up, the winding skinny-ass two lane road along the Columbia River to see some waterfalls. The day we took the scenic ride along the Columbia River it was busy. So busy, it was hard to find a parking spot to be able to walk to the falls. So, we checked into a motel about 30 miles away and set the alarm to get to the waterfalls about 6AM. No crowds at that time!

Oneonta Gorge
Oneonta Gorge, Oregon

The waterfalls at several stops along this stretch of the Columbia River were fantastic!

Oregon waterfalls
Kash the Dog would not walk across this bridge

The next post will be when we cross into Washington on a two lane road and try to avoid the wildfires. So keep this bookmarked and return often. I have 3600+ photos that I would like to share with you, the reader. See you soon!


Thomas Fouts

See you in Washington on a two lane road,


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