Traveling Two Lane Roads Into Washington

We travel two lane roads on our weeks long vacation.

My wife, dog, and I love the excitement of traveling two lane roads wherever we go because you get to see interesting things you miss on a freeway. It’s easier to stop when you see something that catches your attention, and find those wacky vintage roadside attractions. Here we are in Washington.

Two lane roads

We stayed just up the road from this restaurant at an old vintage cabin/motel place that had goats in the front yard. Shelly had to go make friends with the goats while I sat and waited with my camera ready in case a funny goat thing happened!

Two lane roads

Our Honda Odyssey van is equipped with a custom wood frame platform that has a 9 inch memory foam mattress on it for sleeping, and compartments for plastic bins for our clothes and gear. The dog has his own memory foam dog bed but prefers to sleep in the drivers seat and use the steering wheel as a pillow!

We have come to prefer sleeping in the “Honda Hotel” over staying in an overpriced motel and paying stupid pet charges. Van camping is a lot less expensive and you can usually find a quiet, scenic campground with clean showers with a little effort, at 1/4th the cost!

two lane travel
Our homemade magnetic screens for fresh air in the Honda Hotel

When traveling two lane roads, you just never know what you are going to see. We see deer, antelope, elk, buffalo, mountain goats, bear, trout, jellyfish, seals, otters, sea lions, hawks, eagles, osprey, and birds I had never seen before! The two mile long traffic jam in Yellowstone was caused by a big male buffalo just walking down the center of the road, taking his time.

I could have reached out and touched him!

The wildlife was always a treat to see. When you travel two lane roads you can stop and turn around to take photos of animals. Where if taking the freeway, you can’t legally stop to do that. We stopped a lot! I take a lot of photos with my Panasonic Lumix, in fact I carry 2 Panasonic Lumix cameras because I have had incredible success with them. From telephoto shots to upclose macro shots, these cameras do both with ease and clarity.

two lane road travel

Even though we stay in a motel every once in a while, we would rather be out in the back woods camping in the van. Either way, it’s always good to have your survival gear and essentials handy, especially a good flashlight. You can use it in an unfamiliar hotel room, or shine out in the woods to see how close the bear is. A good quality, bright and dependable flashlight is one of the handiest things to carry.

On the subject of being prepared, we carry a “survival kit” that we put together to meet our needs. You can buy a survival kit already made, either in a backpack or a bucket, that has some good items to help you get through an emergency. But I prefer to create my own, that way you can get what you need and know that it is fresh and reliable.

two lane travel
Kash the Dog

PS. Kash the Dog has a website,


The state of Washington is probably our favorite state, with Oregon being a close second. And that is probably because we have not explored Oregon quite as much. So in the next couple of posts, we’ll stay in Washington and talk about the rain forest, the Northern Cascades, and fishing boats.

To you, have a safe two lane road journey!






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