Travel Two Lanes Roads In Washington

We Travel Two Lane Roads and Do Some Van Camping.

Van camping while traveling two lane roads is the best!

My wife, our dog Kash, and I travel two lane roads across the United States and even Canada every summer. We have a Honda Odyssey van ( installed some roof rails before we left) that I custom built a sleeping platform for, and outfitted it to be self sufficient for a few days at a time. Van camping the Foutsie way.

The platform is about 12 inches tall, big enough to slide short Rubbermaid Totes under. We store our survival gear, like a few flashlights, rope, jumper cables, emergency tent, blankets, candles, fire starter, emergency rations, and a water purifier. Of course there is more stuff, but I’ll talk about that another time.


When you get to camp among the “giants” in is pretty darn cool! We find some great scenic camping spots while travelling two lane roads – because that’s where they are!

Of course, while van camping, we also try to camp in convenient places so we can take a shower, replenish our ice supply, food, and there is always a safety factor thrown in. If it doesn’t feel right and have good vibes, we move on. You have to trust your gut.

Van camping
Another nice camping spot.

As we moved further into Washington by way of two lane roads, there is just an incredible amount of interesting things to see. I am constantly hitting the brakes, doing a U-turn, and going back to get a photo of a unique scene. My trusty Panasonic Lumix camera is always ready, sitting right on the console between the seats. I have spare batteries always charged and ready to go.

van camping
One of the single lane creaky old bridges we crossed over twice!

There was one area that we were kind of zipping through when we noticed a fence that ran along the two lane road. Pretty soon my wife said wait, go back, I just saw a white albino deer! So we went back and cautiously drove up a long drive. Low and behold, there was a zebra, giraffe, buffalo, elk, camel, eagle, several kinds of deer and other critters! It wasn’t a zoo, and there were signs that said you had to stay in your vehicle and not advance beyond the sign. It was cool!

van camping
A giraffe out in the middle of Washington!

A couple times we stayed in an RV park. It seemed a little strange pulling in with our Honda and parking next to a huge Winnebago with expandos, awnings, rugs and tables all set up. We just get out, plug into electric to power our little fan, and maybe charge our laptop or batteries. Then make some sandwiches, fruit, and drinks and sit in our chairs. Of course, the dog has to take us for a walk to check things out! That’s van camping!

Kash the Dog always is thought of when we pick out a campsite. We check for other dogs, especially aggressive looking dogs. Kash was torn up by a vicious dog in California a couple years ago, ripped a 6″ square of skin off his hind quarter and several puncture wounds. He was protecting Shelly and was severely out sized and Kash knew it. Luckily we were able to get there and cause a diversion so the other dog let go! Bad scene.

I quickly grabbed the first aid kit, applied a heavy gauze pad, hit it with antibiotic and headed to a animal hospital back up in Oregon, at night, unfamiliar roads, and 45 miles away. It’s always good to have a survival kit complete with first aid. He survived just fine, except he was groggy and had a cone for the rest of the trip.

Kash the Dog
Kash the Dog in his “cone”.

Well, we will continue the two lane road adventure and more stories of van camping in the next post. Until then hug your dog, your wife, or your friend and appreciate what you have. Life is short, go on an adventure!


Thomas Fouts



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