Travel Gear and the New Year with Foutsie

Travel Gear in the New Year for Foutsie!

Shopping for new travel gear this week!

We are hashing about where our next two lane road adventure will take us. We have a couple other things planned for 2016 that are out of the norm for us.

First, we are planning a whoopity-doo party at Blue Racer Ranch this summer! Now it has to be special or exciting for the Fouts tribe to throw a party. But we are keeping it on the low down until we send out the invites. Look for yours in the mail.

Second, my wife is going shopping. That doesn’t happen very often. There is a reason behind it, but that is staying quiet for now too, because it’s connected to the “first” thing mentioned above.

Pickin down east

OK, now when I wrote out my goals for 2016, one of the goals was to research and purchase some new travel gear. I like what I have, but you can always find something that might improve your situation. And I like looking and acquiring new travel gear.

Just like I like to go picking vintage and antiques.

I have always kind of liked vintage sleds, especially bobsleds.

We have been talking about going east to Brimfield Antique Show in Brimfield, Massachusetts. I have heard a lot about that show. Also Elephants Trunk Flea Market in New Milford, CT. I just like to go picking.

I have my eye on a nice kind of backpack/rucksack for my wife. It’s not really for backpacking trips but would be great for our day trips. Not too expensive but looks rugged enough to take some abuse while having organizational pockets and good looks.

The one I want is a little more rugged. It’s a Maxpedition Monsoon Gearslinger. I have always like Maxpedition gear. It’s pricey. It’s heavy duty and a well thought out design. Also has a place for a Camelbak hydration system. Never had one of those. I’m hoping it won’t be too big.

American Picker
Cool Antique place in Maine

As long as we are talking bags, more of less, this foldable storage/carry bag would be good to carry around flea markets as you shop. I always forget to bring something to carry smalls in to make life easier. This might be just the trick!

Our Honda Odyssey has a roof rack so this has been a thought from the start. A RoofBag! Although if I don’t have to have it, I would like to reserve the roof rack space for an item that I have picked and bringing home.

American picker
Another cool antique place in Maine

When I traveled in South America I was robbed 3 times. I learned a couple tricks. One, get a hidden stash belt. The Landing Gear Money Belt is a good choice. I wish I would have had this my first trip in SA. The other piece of gear to hide money came from the South American Explorer’s Club in Lima, Peru. It was a handmade flat denim pouch with elastic bands to hold it to your lower leg (calf muscle). That was the fool proof one!

As we were looking through some travel gear catalogs, Shelly said she would like some packing cubes or bags to help organize our travel gear in the totes we store under our sleeping platform. These are the ones she picked out. #1 BEST RATED Packing CubesI can see the benefit to these. So I said to order more than one set. I can use them in my survival kit tote to separate some first aid items from other survival supplies.


down east
fishing boat in Maine

So, somewhere in a future post I’ll let you know where we are headed on our next two lane road trip.

I’ll also share how our new travel gear is working out and let you know if I get to sneak a few more pieces of travel gear into the budget.

Thanks for tagging along.

Thomas (Foutsie)


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