Travel Adventure Foiled

My Travel Adventure Has Been Postponed!

I was going to take The Great River Road down to Bay St. Louis, Mississippi tomorrow, but… the torque converter on the Silver Streak, AKA our Honda Odyssey decided to go bad. This was my small window of opportunity to take a solo travel adventure! By the time the dealer orders the part, gets it in, it will still take 3 days to finish the work. My window will be nearly closed at that time.

travel adventure
I love bridges!

When traveling back roads, two lane highways, or just country roads, the opportunity to see what our country is made of becomes more evident. It is so much more interesting to drive slowly through small little river towns, and villages. You get to see tight knit communities, old structures and bridges, vintage gas stations and firehouses. I just love it. It’s history that’s changing slower than the norm.

travel adventure, popeye
Popeye Statue along the Mississippi River!

You just never know what you might come across on your travel adventure if you take the path less traveled. How about a statue of Popeye? Or a green spaceship with broken windows? I stop and take lots of photos at all the interesting spots, especially bridges and rivers. I also seek out unique old barns and structures, older the better.

Antiques and vintage “stuff”, especially wood items or advertising signs are something that makes me hit the brakes! Even a good yard sale or two is a load of fun even if there are no treasures. Just to talk to the local people is always educational because everybody has a good story.

adventure travel
Alien spaceship for sure!

How many times have you envied those travelogue videos showing really cool stuff off the beaten path? Well, just go do it yourself! You just need to be prepared, have your wits about you and be aware of your surroundings. Have some “survival gear“, a charged cell phone, plenty of gas (sometimes there are stretches where you have no idea where a gas station is!) so you don’t want to get stranded out in the puckerbrush!

travel adventure
Don’t get stranded…

So, I will wait to get the Silver Streak repaired, re-think my travel adventure, and maybe do some more research on my route that is always flexible. I’ll post some photos when I get back!

Don’t just dream about a vacation, have a travel adventure. Be brave, creative and always travel with both eyes open. Above all, be kind.



Thomas Fouts

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