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Spring Break 2018 Foutsie Style

Are You Heading Out For Spring Break 2018? Spring Break 2018 is weighing heavy on my mind right now! With the snow finally starting to melt, temps above 30, and the birds are singing their spring melodies, gets my travel bones revved up! Flying or Driving to Your Spring Break 2018 Vacation? This Spring Break 2018, whether you are thinking… Read more →

Foutsie – Also Known as Thomas Fouts, Tom Fouts

Foutsie. Back Roads Travel by Thomas Fouts Hi there, I’m Thomas Fouts, and I love back roads travel, take travel photos, and am an adventurer, photographer, kayaker, woodworker, dog lover, two lane road traveler, antique dealer, picker, Internet Marketer, self employed, and married. (also see http://foutsie.com/who-is-foutsie/   You will find out how to enjoy back roads travel, get great travel photos, experience new sights, meet… Read more →