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Road Trips, Don’t You Love Them?

The Foutsie Tribe took a road trip to New York State, all on two lane roads. We were searching for antiques, vintage roadside attractions, old barns, yard sales, and beautiful scenery.

Road trips
This was in Cuyahoga Park in Ohio

When we do road trips, our Honda Odyssey van sometimes doubles as a sleeping room. We have a custom frame that allows all our travel gear and survival supplies to fit in Rubbermaid totes and slide in under a memory foam mattress and memory foam topper. Even Kash the Dog has his own memory foam dog bed!

road trips
Stopped for the night.


I take a lot of digital photos with my trusty Panasonic Lumix camera. I have 3 Lumix cameras and have taken over 1.5 million photos with them. It is so easy to carry, less than 1 pound, and it’s quick and easy to get that elusive shot of a cagey bird or animal. It also has a great Leica telephoto lens that just amazes me and others!

road trips
Kinzua Bridge State Park


We travel all over the country seeking out unusual antiques and vintage items. I have a little antique shop back here in Southwest Michigan and like to keep it supplied with items that you don’t find in Michigan. So, we went to the Annual Madison Bouckville Antique Week – The biggest and most incredible Antiques and Collectibles Show in New York!  We walked for 8 hours a day, two days in a row, and were visually zombified! So many cool items and not enough money or ways to bring everything back! Wow!

road trip
Vintage collectibles

There was such a variety of antiques, vintage collectibles, and just incredible unique items that it was hard to choose what to purchase. And then there is the thought of carrying it back to the van. I did get 4 nice big metal signs from Vermont that fit under the memory foam mattress in the van!

road trip
There were many, many tents set up just full of cool “stuff”!

Be Prepared

On the two lane roads we stop and turn around often to get photos. We also go down a lot of country roads, talk to locals about what’s interesting in the area and seek out vintage roadside attractions. Always seem to find unusual places to eat, shop and hike.

road trips
Beautiful even in the rain

One thing we always pay attention to is our surroundings and what is going on. You have to be aware when you travel in areas that are unfamiliar. It is also very wise to be prepared for emergencies and carry a survival kit with you. (and know how to use it) We not only have one for us, but also a dog survival kit for Kash the Dog! You just never know when you may need it. Be prepared!

So until next time, the Foutsie Tribe wishes you “Happy Road Trips“!

Thomas Fouts


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