Pickin in Kentucky American Pickers Style

American Pickers is my favorite TV show!

American Pickers gets me revved up to get out there and find those treasures. With a small antique shop to keep filled, my wife, Kash the Dog, and I took off in our Honda Odyssey, headed south. We had previous good fortune in Kentucky, so that was our goal. Pick Kentucky.

American Pickers?
Flip or Flop?

Our first stop was “The World’s Most Awesome Flea Market”. We have tried to visit two times before without any luck. The first time was so busy, there was a traffic jam to get off the exit! There were no parking spots after driving through the parking lot for an hour! The second time down there, it was 5 foot under water! Flooded out!

We were somewhat disappointed in the number of vendors and the quality of their wares they we peddling. I did manage to get a couple small signs and a nice 12″ saw blade for my shop.

American Pickers
Prospective pick? American Pickers?

Well this was a cold call that was along a 2 lane road out in the Kentucky hills. Took a quick peek inside the open door and thought this would be a interesting one. This is what I saw looking through the door. (I felt like the American Pickers)

American Pickers
A vintage candy machine with candy still in it!

This was a big NOPE! A guy in a pickup came down the hilly driveway and said it was private property and nothing was for sale. So on we went.

Travel Gear

We did get to try out one of our new coolers, an 60 qt. Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler. It worked well enough for us on this trip. We weren’t camping this time, so we rolled it into our motel room each night.

Speaking of travel gear, seeing we don’t have smart phones with GPS apps, I picked up a very reasonable Easyown 7 inch GPS Navigation System before we left. Worked fabulous. Easy to use and no hiccups!

Back on the Road

Anyway, we did score some items near Bowling Green, KY. We found some Lloyd Flanders patio chairs, used. Can’t afford new ones! Had to really cram to get everything in!

We then went over to Berea, Kentucky. I met with another “Foutsie”! I met her on Facebook and communicated for a bit and thought it would be cool to meet her. We went for dinner and jabbered the whole time. We think a lot alike. It was worth the drive!

Berea Kentucky
A frontier park in Berea, KY.

Heading north, we went into horse country. Drove up to Lexington, KY area and marveled at the beautiful horse farms. What a job it must be to keep the fencing painted and in repair! We also went to the Kentucky Hose Park. Wow! What a complex!

horse racing

And then it was back to good old Michigan where winter is still happening even though it is officially springtime!


With that, I’ll leave you with good thoughts until the next post. Got some new adventures coming up! Not quite American Pickers, but it was fun!





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