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Foutsie. Back Roads Travel by Thomas Fouts

Hi there, I’m Thomas Fouts, and I love back roads travel, take travel photos, and am an adventurer, photographer, kayaker, woodworker, dog lover, two lane road traveler, antique dealer, picker, Internet Marketer, self employed, and married. (also see


You will find out how to enjoy back roads travel, get great travel photos, experience new sights, meet interesting people, and just have awesome adventures all along the way. This is the first get-to-know Foutsie post. Stay tuned, I love to share stuff!

Thomas Fouts
Thomas Fouts, South Beach, South Haven, Michigan

I travel back roads and take travel photos.

Well it sure has been a record breaking, frickin cold, snowy winter here in South Haven, Michigan! I am ready for some fresh, spring green, foilage to push this snow outa here!

With this long stretch of brutally cold temperatures, I mean for weeks at a time, you start to get the dreaded cabin fever. Then the new spring seed catalogs start showing up in the mailbox, whetting your appetite to plant something. It is time for winter to be done and let the glorious Spring arrive!

I like to take travel photos. And lot of random digital photos, every day!  White just isn’t my thing anymore! I want to take some green colored photos, like emerging tender woodland plants, jack-in-the-pulpits and marsh marigolds, you know the early vibrant green colors of spring.

spring 2014
Hocking Hills, Ohio


With Spring Break 2015 just around the corner, my two lane highway travel urge grows stronger and stronger every day! We love to pick a destination area, and just take two lane roads, highways, and even gravel roads to get to the interesting places we pick. Sometimes we just take off, heading south, until we hit 70 degrees in temperature, and then we stop and explore. You never know exactly where you will end up. That way you get to discover new areas all the time.

The nice thing about being self employed, working on a computer, is that you can pretty much take off when ever you want. This makes travel a lot easier. Last year we took a 26 day two lane highway road trip across the USA. We hit a lot of the most beautiful areas America has to offer. (on the west side of the Mississippi river) I took well over 3000 digital travel photos and loved every minute of it. Our main goal was to see the Redwoods with our own eyes. We did. We saw the largest Redwood, Sitka Spruce, Fir, and Cedar trees known!



Well this may be enough for the initial post on There will be many more stories to come. I love to tell stories about Kash the Dog, our Border Collie-Aussie mix animal. He is my wife’s handsome, “little boy”. Kash just adores her to the max! (but I’m the alpha dog in this family)

Enjoy the travel photos. We will soon travel back roads again!

So until next time,






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