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Two Lane Road – The Only Way to Travel

We Travel Two Lane Roads Foutsie just returned from another two lane road vacation that covered 6853 miles in 22 days. We started out on US 20 Hwy near South Bend, Indiana, went through Yellowstone National Park, and on to Bend, Oregon. We saw lots of interesting roadside attractions along the way. You just never know what you may run… Read more →

Foutsie’s Top 5 Back Roads Travel Tips

Foutsie’s┬áTop 5 Back Roads Travel Tips, but first a little story:   My wife, our Border Collie-Aussie mix dog and I pile into our altered Dodge Grand Caravan, map in hand, full tank of gas, cooler full of drinks and food, with adventure on our mind! Heading out with a plan to only use two lane highways and smaller roads,… Read more →