Best Travel Gear for 2 Lane Road Travel

The Best Travel Gear For Our Way of Adventure

The best travel gear we use and can be found by clicking the links found throughout the text, will go to for your browsing pleasure. That way you can get more information and make informed decisions on whether it would work for you too.

Foutsie is the name we (my wife and I and a couple other people call us) and we answer to it. And we love to find the best travel gear before each trip!

We love to pack up the Honda Odyssey van with our slip in custom made sleeping platform that also stores all of our gear. We put 5 inches of memory foam on the top of the platform, and then on the top, 4 inches of gel infused mattress topper for a comfortable cozy nights sleep. In fact, we have become partial to sleeping in the van than a motel!

To sleep comfortable on our memory foam, we have some bamboo sheets. Now if you have never tried some good bamboo sheets, you are in for a treat. They keep you warm when you need it and cool so you don’t overheat. I don’t exactly know how they do that, but I love them!

travel gear

Our dog, Kash Flow, has his own memory foam dog bed that he sleeps on. Although sometimes he curls up in the driver’s seat and uses the steering wheel for a pillow. He also has a chest harness that we make him wear when we are our hiking or adventuring around where there are people and other dogs. We learned a lesson the hard way a couple years ago, so now we keep a well stocked first aid kit on hand.

Apple iPad
Shelly uses her Apple iPad for photos and video.

I use a Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ60 which is not a current model. I will be upgrading to a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200   here in the future. I love how easy it is to operate this camera. In fact I just shoot holding it with one hand. The Lumix is light weight, shoots fairly well in low light, and has a killer telephoto! Oh yeah, the macro works awesome as well! (handheld)

Panasonic Lumix  camera


We carry several flashlights. I am a believer in being prepared and having light is a good thing. I am a big fan of Streamlight flashlights. I carry a rechargeable model that is bright, powerful, and easy to hold. We also have some smaller flashlights from Streamlight as well.

We also carry a couple of water filter “straws”. Who knows when you may have to purify water to drink. They are well worth the price and having piece of mind, just in case.

For cooking, we have a portable stove that we pull out and set it on a picnic table when we are in a campground. Otherwise we put it on a small table we carry. It heat well and we enjoy a hot meal every day. We use our old Revere Ware pans for cooking. Only have a frying pan and a 1 quart pan with a cover.

Cinnamon Twisp Bakery
The best bakery we have ever found on our road trips!

We like to stop to bakeries in little towns or roadside bakery/farm stands along the 2 lane road trips. This one was exceptional. This was one of our only known ahead of time destinations on our last trip. Ate breakfast there and then bought a “bakers dozen” baked goods to go! Delicious. Plus, we got to meet the owner and see how the Cinnamon Twisp rolls are twisted!

You may wonder how we navigate our two lane roads. We use a road map atlas of the USA and Canada. No GPS, but we do have a built in compass in the van. So some days we go a little north, then a little west, back north… just by using the compass. It does lead us down some interesting roads sometimes. One time we almost got trapped by floodwaters that flooded in front of us and when we turned around it was over the road behind us.

Sometimes it may be a good thing to take a survival course, just to know some things that may be helpful to you in emergency situations.

There are some great organizers that make a trip less stressful along the way. They keep things together that you need without looking through all the totes.

The other important item is good clothing that moves and breathes with your body. You want something that is comfortable enough to jump out of the van and go for an hour or two hike, and then hop back in the van and drive for some miles. Layering is important. Plus you want something that you don’t have to wash every time you wear it. Needs durability.

Two lane travel

So there is our list of best travel gear. I hope you can get an idea from the stories of what may be needed for traveling on two lane roads.

Above all, have fun, learn and be grateful.


Until next time…


Thomas Fouts


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