2 Lane Roads – Our Method of Adventure Travel

Our Vacations are Adventure Travel Time!

August is always adventure travel time for us. We just got back from a 12 day, two lane road trip to the State of New York. My wife, our dog Kash, and I travel in our custom altered Honda Odyssey, sleeping in it as needed.

adventure travel
Ha! This isn’t our Honda Odyssey! A really cool hippie van though!

I built a sleeping platform in the van. We store our travel gear in bins under it. Then we have a memory foam bed made out of memory foam mattress toppers. Really comfortable. In fact we prefer sleeping in the van versus a motel!

Our trip started in SW Michigan and went south to Indiana, east through Ohio, Pennsylvania (just a little) and into New York. Then we went to Letchworth State Park and saw the waterfalls, which were beautiful. But boy was it hot and muggy! It was about 92 degrees and the humidity was in the low 70’s!

adventure travel
I think this is the middle falls.

Letchworth State Park is a 14,427-acre state park located in Livingston and Wyoming counties, New York. The Genesee River rips through the gorge over three waterfalls, between towering cliffs. A beautiful sight for sure! There are also miles of very cool hiking trails in the park as well.

adventure travel
The main falls in Letchworth State Park, NY.

Now with all that said, let me digress. One of the first significant places we stopped at was in Ohio. We fell in love with The Beaver Marsh in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. There was a great walkway through the marsh where you could view wildlife fairly close up. The first thing we saw was a beautiful Blue Heron, and then a Green Heron that just stabbed a small bluegill with it’s beak!

Then as we walked further down the trail, we came to find a Green Heron. Smaller than a Blue Heron, but just as beautiful. And I snapped a photo of it just as it stabbed a fish through the duckweed and was shaking it before tossing it up and swallowing right down the hatch! Witnessing that is what adventure travel means to me!

Green Heron
A little Bluegill meal for the Green Heron!

This place was fantastic! It was steamy hot though. I got a touch sunburned on my neck real quick! There were ducks, geese, more Blue Herons, dragonflies, butterflies and turtles. We didn’t hike too long because Kash the Dog seemed hotter than us with his thick fur coat. One more pic from this great stop in Ohio.

adventure travel
My what pretty feet you have Mr. Blue Heron!

The next post will be a continuation of adventure travel road trip through New York State. We went to Alexandria Bay in the Thousand Islands Area, up along the St. Lawrence Seaway, into the Finger Lakes Region with all the vineyards and wineries, to Woodstock and two Buddhist Monasteries, and then to an incredible Madison-Bouckville Antique Week where my mind was blown!

Until then, embrace adventure travel on two lanes!


adventure travel
Me and my cousin. Woodworking with logs!

PS. I use a Panasonic Lumix FZ60 to take the photos above. It’s an old model. I want to upgrade to a Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ300K. This will be a significant improvement, even though I have no complaints with my camera now. In fact I like it so much, I have two of them!


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